The two big hurdles with Christian movies are: publicity and distribution—that is, unless you become our local publicity agent and distributor.

Here is what you can do:



Share “The Atheist Delusion” on social media


Pass out low-cost DVDs (as low as $1 each).


Post and email the riveting trailer:

Please use this incredible tool to reach this dying world—it not only equips believers to address this
timely issue, but it also presents the gospel.
Thank you, and may God bless your efforts, for His glory.

Host a Movie Theater Premiere

We used state-of-the art digital technology during production so that “The Atheist Delusion” has breathtakingly clear and God-glorifying imagery. That’s one big reason why people should see this on a big theatrical screen.

Another reason is that a theater is a place where someone can feel less threatened than they would in a church building.

To get a movie shown in a theater isn’t as hard as you think. This is because theaters want you to do this. They aggressively advertise for churches and others to use their facilities—because while it’s empty it’s not bringing in money. So getting a theater won’t be difficult.

We joyously grant you permission to screen our movie; there is no licensing fee. If the theater requires a release letter, just email us at and we’ll be happy to provide one.

Practical things you can do:

  1. Call local theaters and ask for quotes. Keep in mind weeknights are often less costly than weekends (may want to get quotes on both options). You also want to ask what file formats they accept—ask if a digital HD MP4 would work (which we offer in our store). Here are screening contacts for a few popular theater chains: Regal, AMC, Cinemark, Carmike, Cineplex, and don’t forget to call up your local independent theater.
  1. Make a presentation to your pastor. The biggest hurdle will be to convince your pastor to enthusiastically get behind the outreach, and the best way to do that would be for him to watch the movie. He is a busy man, so we suggest that you pray, and then approach him with something like, “Pastor, I would be grateful if you could watch this movie. It claims to actually prove the existence of God, and I need to know your thoughts on it. It would mean a lot to me. Could you do that?” Then after he’s seen it he will hopefully be excited to use it to reach the lost. We will be praying with you that that is the case. You could then suggest that the church sell tickets as a fundraiser, at cost, or give away freely. The pastor could challenge each congregant to get tickets for their family and an extra for an unsaved person to bring with them to hear the gospel. While some lost people won’t come to church, almost everyone enjoys going to the movies (maybe you could offer free popcorn).
  1. Use the free promotional material we provide. We have a free “Screening Kit” to help promote your local premiere. It includes printable posters, flyers, social media art, PowerPoint slides, step-by-step advice on how to promote and lead the event, and more.

“The Atheist Delusion” School Giveaway

Schools are places where millions of our nation’s young adults come together to learn. Among these are our future doctors, lawyers, and politicians—those who, in years to come, could influence multitudes. And whether they do that for good or evil could be influenced by you when you hand them a copy of “The Atheist Delusion.” Please, take advantage of the freedom we have at present. In a few years’ time we may not have that liberty, and we will look back with regret at a missed opportunity.

In the United States you have a First Amendment right to give out DVDs and literature on public sidewalks near high school and colleges, why not use it to the glory of God and the salvation of the lost.

Host a Screening

You have our joyous free permission to host a public screening of our faith based movies, including “The Atheist Delusion,” at your church, high school or college campus, or event. We have a free “Screening Kit” available, as well as promotional material that you can use to help plan and promote your event.

Download the: Screening Guide, Presentation Slides, Postcards, Posters, Flyer and Bulletin Insert

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